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Welcome to Phil's Photo and Sound Gallery
Photographs and wildlife sound recordings by Phil Whiley on

Hello and welcome to my website. The site is to share the results of two of my hobbies, photography and wildlife sound recording. I am not a professional photographer or sound engineer, but I have been enjoying photography since I was young (no, I'm not saying how many years, but it's quite a few... my first SLR, which I bought as a teenager, was a Zenit E if that gives you any clue!). I only recently became interested in wildlife sound recording.

Birds and insects are often overlooked but if you take time to look closely, many are very beautiful. In particular some wading birds such as the Teal and Shoveller have very colourful and complex wing patterns. Many insects are also colourful and intricately marked; some species of dragonfly are real gems (take a look at the Migrant Hawker for example), but often thier markings and colouring are only visible when they are resting.

Butterflies and Moths are also something we see often but probably don't take time to look at. Butterflies are easily seen and most are very colourful, although we may not fully appreciate just how colourful. We often see moths but maybe not close up and many people are actually afraid of them, yet many moths have wonderful colours and markings - take a look at the Sallow Kitten for example. I use a Moth-Trap that uses Actinic Lights to attract moths (not the kind of trap for killing pests - this one does not harm the moths and they get released once I have finished photographing them); since starting to use the trap in the garden I have seen many new species of moth.

I also find wildlife sounds such as bird and bat calls very interesting, especially bat calls as the frequencies are far too high for the human ear and the calls can be quite complex; a bat detector is needed (or the recordings have to be post-processed) to bring them into our hearing range.

Note: the images are fairly high resolution jpegs, so may take a while to load.

The "What's New" page has details of recent additions and changes.

Finally, the identification of anything on the site is not guaranteed to be correct - I do this for pleasure, not as a reference library!

Regards and thanks for looking/listening