Bird Songs

Made at various locations around the UK

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Bird Songs and Calls
Dawn Chorus: (Recorded in May 2013, South Staffs)
Dawn Chorus & Tawny Owls: (Recorded in May 2016, Queen Elizabeth Forest Park)
Blackbird: Blackbird: Blue Tit:
Blue Tit: Chaffinch: Chaffinch (rainy day):
Chaffinch: Chiffchaff: Cockerell crowing:
Cuckoo: Dunnock: Dunnocks:
Goldfinch: Great Tit: Greenfinch:
Greylag Geese (in flight): House Sparrow: Nuthatch:
Redpolls Chattering: Reed Bunting: Reed Warbler:
Reed Warbler (Surrey): Sedge Warbler: Song Thrush:
Tawny Owl (Cobleland 2016): Tawny Owl: Tawny Owl:
Tawny Owl: Whitethroat: Whitethroat:
Willow Warbler: Wood Pigeon: Great Spotted Woodpecker:
Wren: Wren: