Latest additions to the site:

Some pictures of the latest addition to the Whiley household have been added to the Pets pages. They are of our beautiful Malamute/Husky cross, Sapphire, who we adopted from the local rescue kennels last year.


Some new images have been added that were taken last year but which I did not put onto the site at the time:

On the Birds of Prey page: two images of a Hobby seen at Thursley Common.

On the Other Insects/Flies, Bees and Wasps page: an image of a Sand wasp (Ammophila species), taken at Ockham Common.

On the Other Insects/Ants and Spiders page: an image of Wood ants (Formica) around a nest, also taken at Ockham Common


A new recording has been added to the Audio/Birds Songs page. This is a recording of the dawn chorus in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. There is a Tawny Owl calling nearby, and a second Tawny a bit further away. In fact, if you listen closely, you can just about hear a third Tawny in the distance.


Thanks for looking/listening.