Latest additions to the site:

On the "links" page I have added a new link suggested by a recent visitor. It links to a very good page about getting your children interested in Birdwatching*.

The recording of the dawn chorus in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park was not working so has been added again. There is a Tawny Owl calling nearby, and a second Tawny Owl a bit further away. In fact, if you listen closely, you may be able to hear a third Tawny Owl in the distance. The clip is titled "Tawny Owl (Cobleland 2016)".

*By the way, if you are going to get your child some binoculars, please try to get them some decent ones as the "budget" binoculars will not do thier eyes any good. And most importantly, make sure they know not to use binoculars to look directly at bright light sources!


Thanks for looking/listening.